Aging Neck

sagging neck

Aging Neck

Problem Area: The Neglected Neck

The skin on our neck is among the most neglected on our bodies. It’s often the most exposed part of our skin and can be subjected to the sun’s unrelenting rays daily. Many people who never go outside without putting sunscreen on their face will often forget to put the sunscreen on their neck as well. As a result, dreaded neck lines/wrinkles (Platysmal Bands) and turkey neck may show signs as early as thirty years old.


Why We Get Them

The sun, not chronological aging, is directly responsible for about 90 percent of the wrinkles and skin problems we physicians treat on the neck. We have performed studies comparing the skin on the neck with that on the buttocks, because the buttocks are generally covered (let’s hope so!) and the neck is typically exposed. We’ve found that neck skin generally exhibits all the signs of aged skin , while buttocks skin rarely does.

The sun really is the enemy of smooth, youthful skin, your neck included. The more hours you log without sunscreen, the faster the collagen and elastic in your neck will break down, eventually causing wrinkles and loose, sagging (turkey waddle-like) skin.


Treatment Options

Neck Lines: Laser treatments are among the most effective. A small amount of Botox may also be your answer, however be sure to find a skilled doctor for this because the skin is thin on the neck. An inexperienced doctor could cause weakness of the neck muscles or difficulty swallowing. The best course of action is to consult with a physician who is an expert in skin care. Discuss all your treatment options. And to prevent further damage to your skin, be sure to wear sunscreen on your neck!

Turkey Neck: Laser treatments are among the most effective since they work to tighten sagging skin (goodbye turkey waddle). Thermage and Aluma are other good options to treat turkey neck — they use pulses of radio waves to tighten and re-contour loose, wrinkled skin.

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