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Juvederm Can Plump Those Lips and Lines.


Juvederm is a smooth injectable gel that can restore the skin’s volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, including those highly visible ones around the mouth and nose and on the forehead. There are two types of Juvederm: Juvederm Ultra, which is used to correct moderately deep facial wrinkles and to add fullness to the lips, and Juvederm XC, which has a denser formulation and is therefore helpful for improving the appearance of much deeper facial folds.

What Does It Treat?

Juvederm contains a naturally occurring sugar called hyaluronic acid, which has the remarkably helpful property of binding to water. As the acid attracts water, it “plumps up” the skin, filling and smoothing out any surface wrinkles. In essence, it helps replace the cushion of fatty tissue that we lose as we age and as our skin becomes damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet light.

What Is the Treatment Like?

As with all dermal fillers, Juvederm is injected into the treatment area with an extremely fine needle. Any discomfort is usually minimal, although your physician may numb your skin with a topical anesthetic beforehand. You won’t need any pre-treatment allergy testing, however, because Juvederm doesn’t contain any allergy-causing animal-derived ingredients. It’s entirely biodegradable.

How Much Does Juvederm Cost?

For information regarding pricing see Cost and Pricing.

How Long Does It Last?

You’ll start to see the effects of the treatment immediately. Studies conducted by Juvederm’s manufacturer, Allergen, report that the filler’s results last 9 to 12 months.


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What are the Possible Side Effects?

Side effects tend to be minor and are typical for any kind of injectable filler. They include swelling of the skin around the injection site, redness, bruising (which may be increased if you’re taking blood thinners), bumps, and skin irritation. These should pass within a week. If symptoms persist, call your doctor.

Also, be sure to inform your doctor of any drugs you’re taking, as they may impact your treatment. If you have any history of severe allergies (including a history of allergies to gram-positive bacterial proteins — many dermal fillers contain trace amounts of these) you should not be treated with Juvederm.

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