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Problem Area: Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are one of the most frustrating signs of aging. Some people get vertical lines between the eyebrows (often called “frown lines”), while others get lines right across the forehead, or if you’re really unlucky you end up with both. Those vertical “frown” lines between your eyebrows (known as glabellar lines) and the vertical ones across your forehead wouldn’t be there at all if your skin hadn’t become damaged by the sun. They’re the result of facial muscles interacting with sun-damaged skin.

Why We Get Them

If you think your forehead wrinkles are due to too much worrying or frowning, think again (and stop blaming your kids, job and spouse). These deep lines wouldn’t be there at all if your skin hadn’t become damaged by the sun. Children move their facial muscles all day long. They don’t get lines or wrinkles. Forehead folds and (other facial wrinkles) occur because of the damage the sun inflicts on our skin’s collagen and elastin matrix. The sun breaks down collage and elastin, leaving skin thinner and less able to remain smooth and taut over time.


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Treatment Options

Because forehead wrinkles are formed (but not caused) by muscle movement, using a muscle relaxer like Botox or Dysport is an effective way of minimizing their appearance. For very deep lines, a dermal filler, such as Restylane or Juvederm can help.

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