Eyes & Crow’s Feet

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Eyes & Crow’s Feet

Problem Area: Eye Wrinkles – Often the First to Appear

Sometimes referred to as “squint lines” pesky crow’s feet are the spider-like fine lines we get around the outside corners of our eyes that deepen with age. These lines, which in medical textbooks are referred to as periorbital wrinkles, fan out across the skin from the outer corner (lateral canthus) of each eye. Sometimes they extend down across the cheekbones to the sub malor area of the lower cheeks.

But there are other wrinkles that form in the eye area. Wrinkles can appear on and just below the lower eyelids, giving this sub ocular area a baggy and/or crepe-paper-like appearance. Folds or creases can also develop on the upper eyelids, making the eyes look droopy and tired.


Why We Get Them

The skin around your eyes is ultra-thin (as in a millimetre in some spots) making it much more prone to wrinkles than say, your cheeks. Exposure to sun plays a significant role in the development of these annoying lines since the more exposure you get; the thinner your skin becomes over time, meaning goodbye smooth skin and hello crow’s feet.


Best Treatment Options

Botox is a good way to treat crow’s feet since it paralyzes the underlying facial muscles. Dermal fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm are also a good choice for the lines around the eyes. Laser treatments can also be highly effective, especially fractional laser resurfacing technology, like Fraxel. To maximize results, a combination of different treatments might be your best bet.


Discuss Your Options with Your Physician

You want to be extremely careful when choosing treatments for skin near your eyes. Be sure you consult with an experienced physician who discusses all the risks and benefits of each option and who helps you select the treatment or combination of treatments that will be safest and most effective for your particular skin type and skin problem.

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