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BOTOX® Cosmetic

In Beauty Awards / Treatment / Wrinkles
smiling woman with smooth skin


In Beauty Awards / Treatment / Wrinkles
split face of berfore and after juvederm treatment


In Beauty Awards / Fillers / Treatment
woman's face with restylane treatment areas


In Beauty Awards / Fillers / Treatment
brown spots removed with fraxel laser


In Acne / Acne Scars / Age Spots / Beauty Awards / Treatment / Uneven Tone
woman holding chin and turkey neck area


In Beauty Awards / Sagging Skin / Treatment
areas that can be treated with ultherapy


In Beauty Awards / Sagging Skin / Treatment
woman before and after sculptra injections


In Beauty Awards / Fillers / Treatment

Expert Written Information

The information published on this site is written and provided by some of America's foremost dermatologists, plastic surgeons and laser surgery experts. The goal of the Patient's Guide is to provide quality, scientifically accurate information about beauty, fine lines and anti-aging tips. We also provide a list of physicians offering treatment near you. Physician-supervised treatment of your skin is ideal as doctors have access to the latest technologies in wrinkle reduction and can provide guidance for what works and what doesn’t. Information provided by individuals on this website should be considered opinion and cannot replace the advice of and consultation with a physician, but can be educational and provide insights into new skin care methods currently available.

Wrinkle Treatment Breakthroughs

Rhytides, commonly known as wrinkles, on the face are an unsightly and irritating problem. Photoaging makes our faces look much older than we'd like, and certainly older than we feel. Initially they may start as dynamic wrinkles, along our squint lines near the eyes or foreheads creases. Then they may deepen into permanent lines. Brown spots, facial veins or other symptoms of sun damage may also set in. Fortunately there is hope. The last decade has seen an incredible amount of new research into a variety of topics including why skin ages from the sun's ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays or from smoking, how to prevent aging with topical creams such as sunscreen or moisturizing antioxidents, and how to improve the appearance of fine lines with lasers and light-sources. Dramatic improvements in laser technology and injectable fillers have helped tens of millions of Americans look and feel more beautiful. A plethora of FDA-approved devices have shown great improvement in reducing wrinkles in the epidermis and collagen building in the dermis layer of the skin. This website was created by some of the world's leading authorities in dermatology to give you insight into how to improve your skin with these exciting new breakthroughs.

Understand how BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and other injectables can temporarily help smooth wrinkles and improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines.


The telltale signs of aging: sagging skin, volume loss, and creases in the skin. Fillers minimize the appearance of fine lines and restore volume. Injectables also plump and add fullness to the lips and improve the appearance of scars. You too can turn back the hands of time with skin rejuvenation!


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